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We offer holistic solution for supply chain visibility with distinct features for Manufacturers, Transporters and Consignees.


At Autoload, we understand your business and help you deliver shipments timely. We manage your logistics.

Unified Dashboard

Get notification about trips arrival, events, important milestones and delays enabling you to become proactive.

Customer Satisfaction

Share vehicle tracking status with your consignees to unparallel service experience and delight your customers.

Actionable Analytics

Get real-time visibility, late arrival notifications, abnormal halt alerts for all shipments with actionable insights.

Analytics & reports

Get a complete history and statistics of all your completed trips for future use like average delays, expected delay points etc.


We help communicate details of your shipment among all stakeholders Exporter - Importer - Transporter.

Track vehicle on map

Get a bird’s eye view of every vehicle on map to get an aerial view of your moving load.

Here is How We Get Things Done

Our solution is fully operated by us while the data is owned and controlled by you.


See an overview of all your moving fleet in one dashboard.Trip data and transportance performance analytics to guide you further into your day - to - day progress improvements.


Check current status of all your active trips. Halted and delayed trips can be monitored separately.All details of individual trips are shown here.

Trip Details

Map view, detailed analytics and information related to individual trip can be seen in detail view of of the trip.Driver’ s number and behaviour can be closely monitored in this view.

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